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Unpaper Towel is your Kitchen Partner in 2022- Here is Why

Unpaper Towel is your Kitchen Partner in 2022- Here is Why

If you are a paperless paper person, then an unpaper towel is for you. 

Often time, with sustainable craze on the rise, people wonder whether Unpaper towels are worth it? I am here to tell you that they absolutely are. I know those small paper rolls does no harm to us. But multiply that one single roll with billions around the world and the problems become painfully obvious. 

It simply adds to our environment clutter. Throwing a couple of paper towels on a huge spillage and then getting rid of it seems very convenient and easy. But it comes with a huge price. 

Unpaper towels on the other hand are amazing alternatives for paper towels. They can be used multiple times a day. They not only reduce paper waste, but are also super budget friendly.

What are Unpaper Towels made of?

Unpaper towels are made of 100% soft organic cotton. They are eco-friendly with zero waste absorbing all the odor of the spillage. They are environmentally friendly and reusable towels that can be replaced with processed paper tissues and towels.  

Why do you need to go for Paperless Paper Towels?

1. The Waste!

Waste of money, waste of paper, and of course waste of our natural resources. In most paper towels, wood pulp is used that is taken from freshly cut wood. The thin fiber does not make the paper towel strong enough to be recycled again.

What did we learn here? 

You are cutting down virgin trees just so that you can toss it around after one use and paper towels can NOT be recycled. Unpaper towels are environment friendly as well as can be recycled multiple times. You can even take an old cloth as a reusable unpaper towel if you are a beginner. 

2. The Expense 

A paper towel in contrast to an unpaper towel may sound like a convenient buying option, but how about multiplying that 1 euro to 150 rolls used per year? 

Now let's see that with an unpaper towel where you spend 21 euros on 1 roll that has 10 reusable pieces to last you one whole year?! Even 2 or 3 rolls in one year will save you much more than those nasty paper towels. 

You do the math!

What makes Unpaper Towels so amazing? 

Allow me to fully convince you in going paperless this year. 

Unpaper towels are made with a lot of love and care, just like the best unpaper towels from mioeco. They are not only super soft and can be used again and again. They are eco-friendly reusable paper wash cloth that leaves your space squeaky clean without being harsh on the environment. 

People often ask if unpaper towels are sanitary and hygienic?

According to an interesting research on different hand drying methods, unpaper towels and paper towels were the most effective in getting rid of bacteria from your fingers. 

Unpaper Towels Protect the Environment 

Unlike paper towels that pollute the landfill after just one single use, unpaper towels will stay loyal to you for a lifetime. It wouldn't be wrong to call them earthly unpaper towels.

These towels are made from durable cloth. Oftentimes, these are reusable cloths that are renewed for cleaning purposes. 

Unpaper Towels are Designed to Last

They are very easy to maintain. Once you clean the splash using a paperless paper towel, you can simply wash it and then leave it for air drying. You can even throw it in your washing machine with other towels and it’ll be as new as today!  

Go Paperless while adding a Flare!

Enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen with sleek cute unpaper towels. And while someone walks in and admires the sleek looking roll, this serves as the perfect opportunity to discuss your take on saving the environment. 

They are More than just Cleaning 

You can use these unpaper towels for other things as well. If you are looking for napkins, lunch wraps or use for supporting fragile dishware, then these eco-friendly towels are for you.  Meaning there are so many ways you can use them. 

So are you up for Organic paper towels in 2022?

Have the best of both worlds with amazing unpaper towels. If you are not very keen on making any further purchases, how about going for a DIY unpaper towel? All you have to do is look for the highest quality cotton shirts, cut it into square pieces and then sew them from the corners to avoid any threads hanging out and viola you have your very own paperless paper towel!