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Best Sustainable Gifts Ideas for Him To Gift Instantly!

Best Sustainable Gifts Ideas for Him

When it comes to the best sustainable gift ideas for him, things can become a little tricky. 

Given how most products out there marketed as eco-friendly are not truly sustainable, there remains only very few choices we can make for gift choices. Before we proceed on which gifts to pick for your husband/boyfriend this year. Here is a small walk through in what might be the right sustainable gift idea. 

It is important to understand what is a sustainable gift. 

If you are new into sustainable gift ideas. Here are a few questions to ask yourself. 

  • What is a sustainable gift made out of?
  • What is the outlook of the manufacturer on sustainability?
  • Is the product truly a sustainable item?
  • Is the gift choice truly practical and can last a long time?

Once you have gone through these questions, making the right choice becomes easier. Here are a few suggestions on our part from Mioeco that we are sure will be great eco friendly gift choices!

Organic Clothing

What is best for a sustainable gift for him than having a complete organic line of clothing. There are many stylish picks you can get your beloved this year. Look out for a 100% cotton yarn shirt that will not only compliment your husband’s style but also make it compostable and eco friendly for the environment. Despite being a hard pick, sustainable clothing is finally gaining more recognition which is why it can be a perfect pick. Besides there are many different brands that are using organic towels, shirts and underlies with complete 100% cotton. 

A Reusable Hand Towel

Men love all things handy. And what is better to help them have reusable hand towels to keep their work going. Mioeco’s very stylish, pure cotton Turkish hand towel is especially designed to help you go further than some handiwork. These towels are strong, durable and super absorbent. You can find them in different colours. The best feature about these amazing towels is that they remain in the same condition after a couple of uses.  Take it as a travel item or simply use it when you are fixing something in the garage. This eco-friendly towel is a win-win sustainable gift idea.

An All Organic Sponge 

If your husband is into DIYs, then you must have him have  reusable sponge. Honestly there are not enough cleaning materials when it comes to your husband’s DIYs. A complete plastic free sustainable gift can be a small treat within itself. These organic sponges are very handy and very much effective in getting the job done. 

The toughness and the durability of the sponge makes it super durable for long hours. If you have heard your husband complain about the odour that gets accumulated into his regular sponges, then you don't have to worry with Mieco’s tough sponge

A Reusable Beach Towel 

These beautiful towels can never be enough. Made from the finest cotton in Turkey, a reusable beach towel is the perfect sustainable gift idea for him. These towels are completely free of any harsh chemicals and are very quick to absorb moisture. 

There are multiple varieties you can choose from. If you choose this amazing gift choice for him you will not only be making the man of your life happy, but also pooling in a family is necessary (nothing wrong when it comes to being a little selfish with sustainable gifts.)

Unpaper - Paper Towels 

What is one thing that gets so many couples with their earliest feuds on? Using paper towels. If you are also an upset wife who cannot get your husband to be more careful with paper towels, then here is the best gift for your husband. This eco-friendly reusable paper towel can sweep off your annoyance in one go.

One single piece of reusable paper towel can be used multiple times! These paper towels have been consciously manufactured to have minimal effect on the environment. A small thoughtful gift on your behalf can leave a lasting effect for years. 

Reusable Sponges 

As a multipurpose sponge, this small fellow can be a great gift idea for your eco-conscious husband. These sponges will last you a long time without getting worn out. The sponges are completely compostable and fully recyclable that makes them one of the first choices for any form of cleaning activity. These reusable sponges are completely odour free and can be a great handpiece if your husband is into tough surface cleaning.