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20 Zero Waste Gifts for a Conscious Greener Living

20 Zero Waste Gifts for a Conscious Greener Living Mioeco Blog

I have always been inclined towards zero waste gifts. With the sudden pandemic and other world crises on the rise, eco-anxiety has certainly taken a back seat. However I am here to bring back a conscious living of low waste. And let's start with my favourite love language that is gifting. 

You might be surprised to know that a lot of zero gifts are simply a form of consciously living without leaving a negative impact.

20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

In the spirit of saving our planet, here are our 20 zero waste gifts for a stress free and plastic free present preparation.

1. Homemade Treats

Sweets Photo by Vladimir Srajber 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

My all time favourite zero waste gifts are homemade treats. Whether it be cookies, cakes, or handmade stitched sweaters, everything that is handmade is a very intimate language of appreciation. You can never go wrong with any homemade treat as a zero waste gift. You can always try these for people you are close with or people you are not close with.

2. Eco Friendly Lunch Bags

Asebbo Lunch Bags  20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

This is one of the best zero waste gifts for her. Eco friendly lunch bags are a lifesaver gift especially for women, who are looking for plastic free lunch options. According to many studies, plastic releases certain toxins that can harm your health if you warm your food in plastic containers. There are many amazing types of such gifts available that you can get your loved one without having to think about any negative impact on the environment. 

3. Cotton Eco-friendly Hand Towel 

Mioeco Hand towel 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

That is one eco-friendly gift we all love so much. Hand towels are an essential for women, and if you are specifically looking to gift something to ‘her’, then this cute little zero gift idea will be perfect. They are reusable, and you get to save a lot on them.

4. Eco-friendly Candles 

Eco-friendly Candles  Photo by Vie Studio 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

What is better than lighting someone’s home with a wonderful candle. Eco-friendly candles can be the perfect zero waste gift as they are handmade and non-toxic. You can reuse them for a fresh badge and pour them into recycled glass jars.

5. Sustainable Blanket 

Sustainable blanket Photo by Isabelle Taylor 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

We all love cute blankets that keep us warm with reminders of how we are not harming the environment. If you are also someone who is from colder areas, you must know the popularity of polythene blankets. This year try to switch to pure wool blankets that are not only eco-friendly but are also sustainable for your use.

6. Reusable Notebooks

Reusable Notebooks Photo by Yan Krukov 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

I always keep an eye for people who promote sustainable stationary. Reusable notebooks are the best zero gifts if you are looking for a gift for your nerdy friend. Sustainable Dairies, journals and planners are some other favourable options that you can opt for your loved one.

7. Insulated Cutlery 

Insulated Cutlery  Photo by Karolina Grabowska 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

This can be a treat if you are looking forward to giving something suitable to your mom or your wife. Anyone who works relentlessly in the kitchen appreciates insulated cutlery a lot. Not only that can be a smart accessory to use, but also completely environment friendly.

8. Reusable Grocery Bags

Reusable Grocery Bags Photo by Michael Burrows 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

If you know an acid shopkeeper who wants to go light on their plastic shopping bags, this year then this might be the perfect zero waste gift idea. For a light gifting reusable grocery bags with fun and cute patterns can be an ideal choice.

9. Eco-Friendly Phone Cases 

Eco-Friendly Phone Cases Photo by ANTONI SHKRABA 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Plastic phone covers have become the norm. But how about trying cloth made phone cases, sounds strange right? Well eco friendly phone cases are a thing and are an amazing fashion statement for your phone!

10. Sustainable Reusable Makeup 

Makeup remover Photo by SHVETS production 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

There are many sustainable loving brands that are eco-friendly. Sustainable makeup items such as face wipes can be a great zero waste gift for her. Make sure to always check for vegan-free, eco-approved, organic and earth loving ingredients in the making of that specific product.

11. Reusable Shaving Kits 

Ontaki reusable shaving kit 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

They are ideal for your male mates, who are looking to start an eco-friendly shaving routine. From reusable scissor, safety razors, blades to shave soap sets can be an ideal luxury zero waste gift!

12. Plastic free Dental Care

Wooden tooth brush Photo by Karolina Grabowska 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

A plastic free veneer will not only long last your oral hygiene but also come off as a decent zero waste gift for your loved one. You can look for an all natural vegan, chemical free and dental care products for your best smile.

13. Reusable Makeup Remover Towel 

Makeup removal towel Photo by Feyza Yıldırım 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Makeup removing wipes count for a lot of wastage every year. They not only produce harmful toxins but also are non-biodegradable that makes them a horror story for our earth’s well-being. There are many amazing brands that are building more eco-friendly and cruelty free makeup products. Make sure to be extra cautious this year with your makeup remover wipes.

14. Eco-Friendly Hair and Body Washes

Eco-Friendly Hair and Body Washes Photo by Karolina Grabowska 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Who doesn't want to smell nice especially when the summers are just around the corner. However, what makes them even more refreshing is if you give them as a zero waste gift. You can find some amazing eco-friendly hair and body washes with all vegan and skin loving ingredients.

15. Wooden Decorations

Wooden Decoration Photo by Ron Lach 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Wood is an all time old eco-friendly accessory. If you cannot find many options around you as an eco-friendly gift, you can always opt for wooden made items. Jewelry trays, decoration toys can be some excellent options for your home and family.

16. Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Photo by  Anastasia  Shuraeva 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

If you have an artist around you then eco friendly gift wrappings are the best zero gift idea for them. As small as it may seem, eco-friendly gift wrappings can be a real thoughtful gift for some people.

17. Eco Friendly Ceramics

Eco Friendly Ceramics Photo by cottonbro 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Beautiful. Sleek. Decent and absolutely earth loving ceramics are a personal favourite, especially for women. You can find a lot of amazing stylish designs that are not only a treat to the eyes but also a form of a gentle reminder to stay kind with our planet earth.

18. Zero Waste Clothing

Zero Waste Clothing Photo by cottonbro 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

This one is a given zero gift idea, especially if you are gifting to someone who loves sustainable clothing. Many brands today are working relentlessly to bring organic cruelty free clothing items. Make sure to check your picks before buying them.

19. Organic Accessories 

organic accessories Photo by Anete Lusina 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Nothing is more intimate and close to heart than getting to have organic accessories. From clothing ranges to beauty ornaments there is also zero waste gifts when it comes to organic accessories.

20. Thrift Gift Vouchers

Thrifting vouchers Photo by cottonbro 20 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Thrifting vouchers can be a very thoughtful form of zero waste gift idea. If you know someone who absolutely loves thrifting then this can be a real treat for them!