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5 Sustainable Tips for a Plastic Free July in 2022!

best Ideas - tips for a Plastic Free July

My first Plastic Free July started in my freshmen year. Being a sustainability and conservation enthusiast I have always despised the use of plastic. Mainly because of the environmental obligation we all have! 

As a student when I heard about this amazing movement, of course I had to let the world know about it!

What is Plastic Free July?

Every year 250 million people around the world make a conscious effort to reduce their plastic usage to zero. The idea of a plastic free July was first introduced in Pert, Australia by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz in 2011. Ever since then  thousands of organizations, schools and participants have joined this plastic free eco challenge from over 86 countries.  

Sounds like a good cause doesn't it?  but how about participating in a plastic free July challenge. 

So, What is a Plastic free July Challenge?

Going Plastic Free July Challenge is all about one simple thing: Your best efforts to refuse single-use plastic in July. 

Single use of plastic refers to all plastic made’ shopping bags, cutlery and packaging’. If you are a beginner and want to participate for a plastic free challenge, here are few plastic free July ideas as your starting guide;

Tips for Plastic Free July 2022

1. Use Reusable Bottles and Cups

This has to be the hardest when you love Starbucks! 

But here is the good part. In honour of July plastic free month, many restaurants including Starbucks openly welcome reusable cups. Carry your own bottle or cup to your workplace or school. There are many trendy reusable bottles available these days. All you have to do is make a little conscious effort each morning to carry your own bottle and cup. 

2. Say a big NO to Plastic Bags

I mean NO. Like…simply NO. 

Someone hands you a plastic bag, politely return them and ask for an eco-friendly shopper to carry. It might only cost you a few pennies, but it will surely serve a bigger purpose. In fact many retailers and grocery stores now purposefully stock cloth-made shopping bags. If you struggle to find such stores around, simply carry one of your own. Again, such small efforts will count for a better outcome. 

3. Carry your Own Utensils

Often during lunch hours, we love to munch on cheap takeouts. Well the best way to reduce plastic in such cases, might be to get your own homemade lunch. However it might not be an easy option for everyone. So what to do then? How about simply carrying your own metallic chopsticks and straws? You  will be intrigued to find some amazing metallic utensils available in different stores. 

4. Use a Cloth made Lunch Box 

Plastic free July is the best month for educating your child on the harmful effects of plastic. Start using eco friendly products. Make your own cloth lunch boxes and use fabric wraps. There are many DIYs you can look up online. All you will need is some unused cloth at home and simply turn it into an impressive piece of art!

5. Ditch your Plastic Toothbrush

Opt for biodegradable wooden toothbrushes this year. If you can find bamboo toothbrushes that  serve you even better not just for the plastic free cause but rather for your health. In other traditions you may also opt for oil gargling or herbs to boost your dental health.  

There are other many ways through which you can participate in plastic free July. This movement is more about shifting your mindset than simply participating in a challenge. People usually confuse themselves with odd questions like how to participate in plastic free July? What month is plastic free? When was plastic free month created? 

The point is to simply contribute your share in a conscious eco-friendly living. If you find all of this to be too overwhelming how about simply starting with these very simple tips; 

  • Have a clear intention. By being mindful of your activities can reduce plastic usage on its own. 
  • Use what you already have. Don't rush to buy new utensils or cutlery.
  • Don't get rid of the plastic you already have, simply don't buy more. 
  • Educate yourself on conservation and how plastic is damaging our environments and health. 
  • Engage in healthy conversations to know more about this cause. 

Aim to Go Plastic Free this July!

Changes always start within. Make sure you do your part  in creating a plastic-free world, even if it’s simply educating yourself about it. Remember your small effort is the small ripple for the bigger effect. 

Hoping to see a bigger Circle of plastic-free warriors this year!