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Celebrate this Year’s Valentine’s Day Sustainably with MioEco

Celebrate this Year’s Valentine’s Day Sustainably with MioEco

Sustainability comes in all forms. Especially love. 

One of my most favorite holidays is around the corner. Valentine’s. Now who doesn’t love the kick of the excitement when the season of love approaches? 

What makes this holiday so special are gifts. Like everyone else, my love language is also a gift. Especially when they are made with love, care and gentleness. Like every year I explored for unique yet outstanding gift ideas for valentines. To my surprise, sustainable valentine’s gifts were the best picks. 

As appealing as they look, sustainable eco-friendly valentine’s gifts can also be an amazing choice for this year’s valentine. On my hunt to find the most perfect suitable valentine’s gift, here are some of the top eco-friendly gifts that you can get your loved ones! 

MioEco Organic Cotton Reusable Paper Towels 




This one has been an absolute favorite! If you are looking for a solid mark on your gift choice while preserving Valentine’s Day sustainability then nothing can beat this amazing purchase!

MioEco Organic Cotton Reusable Paper Towels are made of the finest quality of pure cotton. These small sturdy towels are great for quick liquid absorption and can be reused multiple times before taking on any signs of cloth strain. It comes in cool neutral colors just multiplying the convenience. You can use these to dry your kitchen counter, absorb spillage and even as meal napkins. If you haven’t made a choice yet, then this should be your top pick for this valentine.

MioEco Authentic Cotton Turkish Beach & Bath Towels 



Who does not look for a bit of luxury without hurting the environment?

Made from the finest quality of Turkish Cotton, this pretty eco friendly beach towel and hand towel makes the perfect 14 February valentine’s day gift.  This cloth stands out in its minimal design while absorbing maximum moisture. The towel is soft to the touch and thin enough to easily hang on any form of towel ring. What makes this towel stand out the most is its ability to retain its shape and form after multiple washes. Moreover, the minimal design also adds a very thorough aesthetic touch to them. 

MioEco Natural Loofah Dish Sponge Set | Loofah Kitchen Sponge

Dish sponges can be quite stubborn.

This valentine’s make the scrubbing a little easier for your loved one with this amazing biodegradable all natural loofah dish sponges. MioEco sponges are all natural and vegan friendly. They are purely plant based and maintain their usability after multiple washes without leaving off any stingy smell. For best results, you can keep lathering the soap for a little while. 

MioEco Unsponge Reusable Kitchen Sponges | Reusable Dish Scrubbers/Sponges

Imagine getting to waste an entire paper roll just after a big red wine splash on your amazing date. Cringe! 

One of the most loved purchases, MioEco Unsponge kitchen sponges are made out of organic cotton and are super versatile for common use. These sponges can also become an all-purpose cleaner sponge. All you have to do is wash your dishes with them, heat dry after washing and they are as good as new. These reusable sponges can withhold multiple washes every single day without any compromise on scrubbing quality. 

A Long-Lasting Eco- Love Affair!

What makes these suitable valentine gifts standout is the love and care for our planet. Buying these durable presents can go a long way. Usually gifts become more memorable when they serve a gentle purpose! This year go an extra mile for your loved one by supporting sustainability. While celebrating love this valentine’s day, make sure you are going for a holistic sustainable approach and supporting small business! 

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Valentine’s Day!