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Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

Carbon Neutral Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing generally has a large carbon footprint. At MioEco, we believe that protecting the environment is very important. Therefore, we have chosen a carbon neutral facility to manufacture all of our products.

What does carbon neutral mean?

Being carbon neutral means that we have a net zero carbon footprint. This means that we have no carbon emissions as the result of the production of our products. The power of the sun is used for energy at our factory, which is a renewable resource. We have a massive bank of solar panels that run all electrical processes at the factory.

Reducing carbon emissions

In addition to using solar power to run the factory, we also try to reduce packaging to the minimum. We are in the process of moving to biodegradable poly bags to replace the plastic that is required to protect the products during transportation. 

Going carbon neutral isn’t as difficult as it sounds and by being conscious of it and making an effort to reduce carbon emissions, we can produce carbon neutral products. We are always looking for ways to reduce further the impact that we have during manufacture and transportation.